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Talk With Fish – Osmic Research Company��- Now with Dolphin and Whale Songs

TalkWithFish®  is a revolutionary concept in communicating with fish to help catch them.  It is an underwater speaker system that emanates attractive and luring sounds out to over 100 yards from your fishing location.  It lures in distant fish, but also excites close fish to become active and bite your lure in your location.  It is used in bank, dock, boat or ice fishing.  We have over 80 fish enticing sounds for over 25 species of game fish catalogued for your use on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Get the TalkWithFish®   App on the App Store or iTunes.  Your TalkWithFish ®  speaker will broadcast sounds of foraging, eating, sexual activity, prey sounds and primal excitation to create a craving response in your fish species.

For $0.99 in the App Store, you get the fully functioning App and three pre-selected FishCalls and all the saltwater and dolphin calls. The first call is the “Crawfish Eaten By Predator Fish”. When this call is broadcast, it will bring in large bass, walleye and other “crawfish eaters”. The second FishCall is “Herring Farts”, to call in salmon, trout, stripers, blues and other fish feeding on herring. The third call is “Panfish Eating Beetles”, which is the sound of crappies, bluegills, trout and other medium size fish munching and crunching on beetles. You can buy the other 70 FishCalls for your targeted species of fish. See it in action on the videos above.

News Article: Talk with Fish – Sam Cook

Extra uses for the speaker are communicating with your aquarium fish with music, speech or see how they react to other fish sounds from around the world.  Use it in your pool to play MP3 music at 10 watts while you swim.

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